Thursday, September 8, 2011

Another Staged blueprint for success ...

It's always so awesome to hear what members of are doing to build their online businesses. With so many great ideas and so many tools in the system, the possibilities are endless.

Today we have some excellent and powerful tips to share that come from Catherine P in Canada. This is some really solid information so please read carefully and we trust what you learn today will help you big time here at

Hello from Canada! Over the months I've been reading your enthusiastic and insightful updates and figured it's my turn to share my experience. So here goes!

As a general rule I only make Stages that I personally find interesting, entertaining or informative.I usually find my best ones by just searching for videos in YouTube using single words like "best" "greatest" "awesome" "ultimate" "best ever" and see what comes up.

After I find some videos I am interested in I make Stages with them. I then use the suggested videos that display on the right side of YouTube to find more good videos to make even more Stages from.

Here is my daily routine.

* Make 10 or more Stages daily
* Add them to Digg & Stumbleupon immediately upon creation
* Add the really good ones to my Facebook Profile and applicable ones to the Facebook groups I am part of.
* Post them all on Twitter

Additional things I do to build my business:

I use Twitter to build my Facebook friends list automatically by using a free service called to send out an auto Direct Message saying:

"Hi and thank you for following me. Be great to meet you on FB as well (facebook profile URL)"

From this I typically get 10-30 Facebook friend requests daily from my Twitter followers.

These are the exact steps I take to build my Staged business and I get prospects and/or members joining every day. Just 3 days ago I had 2 fully paid members join Staged within 5 minutes of each other!

In my opinion Staged is a simple to operate, zero-rejection business. I believe that anyone can succeed if they do a little bit of work daily and persist. I also believe that if you cannot succeed with Staged then the chances of succeeding in any other online business are very slim. I say this from personal experience after joining and trying a LOT of online programs.

There you have it. Another amazing story with more awesome tips and suggestions for you. is an extremely powerful and effective system and like Catherine said, anyone can succeed with it if they do a little bit of work daily and persist.

If you are new to or have been around for a while but are just getting started please do not hesitate to contact our support team if you have questions.

Enjoy the rest of your week!

The Staged Team