Saturday, April 26, 2014

No More Back or Shoulder Pain While Weed Trimming. Check Out Our Unique Patented Product ...

Trimmer Caddy, holds the "trimmer up" (So YOU don't have to) and it helps prevent Arm, Shoulder, and Back "Pain". 

The Trimmer Caddy is a revolutionary new invention designed to attach to straight or curved shaft grass trimmers. It can quickly be attached and adjusted to fit most all trimmer models and sizes and is maintenance free! Trimmer Caddy, allows grass to be cut "Evenly". 

Spring loaded axle "Easily Rolls" through "Tall Grass", and over "Rough Terrain". 

It can quickly be installed and adjusted "Without Tools" to fit all type Trimmers AND EVEN Metal Detectors.
Check Out Our Unique Patented Product: