Thursday, July 7, 2011

We're Talking LOTS of FREE VIRAL TRAFFIC! ...

We have NEVER seen a product get such immediate and heavy usage as our Stages at This is truly amazing.

Just out of curiosity we looked on a few popular FaceBook walls and sure enough... people have already figured out how to seriously cash in using Stage! They created Stages and posted them to these walls with a brief comment.

What will be the result? Hundreds, maybe thousands of people will read their post, view the Stage, and end up clicking on the banners or Google Adsense links that one of our members added to the Stage!

But that's not all. A percentage of these people who see the Stage on FaceBook will send it to some of their friends because the YouTube video on it is funny. And those friends will send it to their friends!!
And a percentage of this growing number of people WILL click the banners and links on the Stage. We're talking LOTS of FREE VIRAL TRAFFIC!

It was so cool to see this occurring on FaceBook already. It tells us that people get it! They understand the power of!

This member also found in our back office. Have you visited this web site yet? It's a free banner making site that is so simple to use. You can make any banners you want and easily add them to your Stages.

Let's take a look at a different example Stage together: Staged Example

Notice the banner at the top of the page driving viral traffic to Notice the Google Adsense banners and text banners making the creator of this Stage extra money on the side. Notice the banners at the bottom driving viral traffic to Notice the catchy video... which is the driving force behind why any viewer would pass this Stage along to a friend in the first place. Notice the viewer comments.

This is "How to Profit From Staged 101". Stay tuned... it's going to get better.

Have a great day!


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