Monday, July 11, 2011

3 minutes and 79 clicks! ...

We know, we know! We just sent you an update about Terry about an hour ago. But we are marketing geeks and when things work THIS GOOD... we just have to tell someone!

Check out our latest testimonial that just came in:

Hi Staged Admin. My name is Sam and I currently live in Arizona. I'll be honest and say I joined 100% for this awesome product but Im starting to think I can make a little extra money with Staged too!

I actually just joined this morning. So today I created my first Stage. Took me 3 minutes because I already had a hilarious video in mind. I posted it on FaceBook and then walked away. Here it is a few hours later and would you believe me if I said I already have 79 BANNER CLICKS ON MY STAGE!

Guys... I do Internet advertising and I'm telling you right now, I personally have NEVER gotten 79 clicks leading to my business web site... 

A) after just 3 minutes of work 

B) for free and 

C) this easy and fast! 

Professional marketers can't even beat what I just did with my Stage! And I know YOU of all people know what it costs to get 79 quality clicks to your site. It's not cheap.

Anyway this is phenomenal and if half the world isn't joining and using Stage in the next few months I'll start to wonder what's wrong with people (-:

I know I'm telling everyone I know about this. You guys are terrific. Sam

We suspect we'll be seeing a lot of testimonials like this in the coming months and we'll be sure to share some of our favorites with you. is going to become one of the premier marketing powerhouses online and if you are here for the business opportunity just sit tight and blast out some Stages because this is going to erupt!

And if you're here just for the marketing tool because you are desperate for an advertising technique that works, based on Terry and Sam's testimonials you are probably bouncing off the walls right now! We sure are!!

Have a great day!


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