Thursday, July 14, 2011

Twitter Fun ...

This just came in: Tim from Australia made $137.50 using Staged on Twitter!

Things are heating up no question! Tim sent me a "Thank you" email early this morning from over in Australia because after blasting out a few Tweets about his Stages he has already banked $137.50 (11 upgraded members)!

On top of these 11 members and a new income rolling in from he's also got 22 prospects who enrolled at his Staged business site and these people could also upgrade at any time, earning Tim more in commissions!

I had a quick chat with Tim after reading his email and something so important to understand is that Tim is not computer savvy. Tim has never made a web site in his life. Tim hasn't really done much more with a computer than surf the web, check his email, and connect with friends on FaceBook and Twitter. Yet he was able to easily create Stages, add banners to them, and put Staged to work. That is just so cool!

Tim also told me that he dabbles in affiliate "stuff" too. Using those "online marketplaces" along with Staged, his affiliate income has even increased. It's a simple process of adding banners to his Stages and making those banners link to any products in the marketplace that he can sell and earn an affiliate commission!

The Internet is FULL of opportunities. The key item that holds most people back is advertising, which leads to traffic. And not just any traffic... quality traffic. Staged was designed to solve this problem and based on the testimonials pouring in, it's working!

If you have a Staged success story Id like to hear it!!

Have a great day.


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