Sunday, July 17, 2011

Important question answered ...

Here is a question that came in last night and we wanted to share it with everyone:

Hello Support. Staged is so cool but I don't understand what I can use it for to make money online. I understand how it works BUT I do not have any web sites that sell stuff so I have nothing to promote. Can you guys point me in a direction to something I can sell online that comes with a web site?

This is a great question and one that we felt should be answered for the entire team just in case anyone else is thinking the same thing.

As a member of you have 3 Staged web sites:

Corporate Site
Marketing Enrollment Site
Marketing Demonstration Site

Each one of these web sites was designed for you, so that you could promote and sell Staged and earn commissions for your efforts. So for the author of this question and everyone out there who is wondering what to sell... SELL STAGED! And make excellent money doing it!!

It is really this easy - Go find a catchy video on YouTube that you would like to share with others. Go to Stages in the main menu and make yourself a Stage with it. Then share your Stage on any of the social networks (such as Facebook) that you are a member of.

Staged banner ads will automatically be displayed at the bottom of your Stage. If anyone were to click on them they would end up at your Staged web sites where they can read more and join.

Viral Marketing is a HUGE market!

Millions of people around the world throw millions of dollars towards this marketing approach monthly.

We're talking massive money here.

And here you sit, with THREE awesome web sites ready to offer a tremendous Viral Marketing product that is simple and easy to use. The sky is the limit! You just need to create Stages and share them!!

Have a great day.


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