Monday, July 18, 2011

More new Staged tips ...

Things are really heating up here at this week and we are only two days into it! We have increased our membership into 5 new countries since early Monday morning. Who knows where we will be expanding into this coming Friday!

As the Staged team continues it's massive growth we are getting more and more awesome ideas and tips from members who are finding more unique ways to use the Staged system.

Below are three comments that might prove extremely helpful for you to get your Staged business, or any other business, off the ground fast.

1) Kristoffer from Norway has been taking advantage of a useful tool over at YouTube to help him find videos that he KNOWS are popular. A direct link to this YouTube feature is

Kristoffer was feeling overwhelmed by the volume of videos to choose from for his Stages and this tool has dramatically reduced the amount of time he spends looking for them.

At this link you can sort videos by Most Viewed, Most Liked, Most Subscribed, Most Discussed, etc. And you can sort by Today, This Week, This Month and All Time. And you can even sort by any of 15 categories like Comedy, Gaming, Entertainment, Sports, and much more.

Using this YouTube feature will save you time and it ensures you will be selecting a video that you KNOW the majority of people will like. Remember, the more people like your video the more they will share your Stage with others and the more viral it will become.

2) Cynthia from Canada recently wrote in saying that she had been reviewing the statistics for all the Stages she built and noticed that one of her Stages was getting WAY more clicks than the others.
It didn't take long for Cynthia to realize the reason. "When I checked what the video was about I had a big "Aha" moment. The video was about a baby koala bear. I thought "Of course" everyone loves baby animals!! They're so cute and cuddly. Can you guess what my next Stage is going to be about?

Remember, Cynthia's success comes not just because her Stage had a koala video on it. It also has to do with who she shared it with, and where. The video on your Stage must be relevant to the group you share it with. For example, you're about to read about Brian... and we can pretty much guarantee that a koala video on Brian's Stages won't produce the same results it did for Cynthia.

3) This last one comes from Brian in the USAWhen I drive to work I usually listen to the Octane channel on Sirius satellite radio. The DJ's always talk about their Facebook fan pages, and they encourage listeners to visit them and post comments.

So I decided to post some Stages on these Facebook fan pages. So when I got to work I checked it out and sure enough the Sirius Octane Facebook group has over 76,000 members. Kayla Riley, their daytime DJ, has over 30,000 members in her group. This is awesome!

Here is a captive audience and I know exactly what they like - Hard Rock Bands. This is too easy. Tonight after work I'll simply find some good Hard Rock videos and create some stages with them. Then I will go post them at the Octane Facebook page with a simple message like "Check out this cool new video from XYZ Band that I just found!"

Brian is really on to something here. There are 1000's and 1000's of Facebook groups with a lot more members than the Sirius Satellite Octane group of 76,000. There are groups for every imaginable topic, hobby or interest. So find Facebook groups with similar interests to your own and then start hunting for relevant video's and creating Stages for them. These are captive audiences just waiting to click on your ads AND share your Stages with others!

A BIG thanks to Kristoffer, Cynthia and Brian for sharing their stories and thoughts with us.

Have a great day.


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