Friday, July 22, 2011

More amazing stats ...

Today I have yet another amazing testimonial from a member who has been with me from the beginning.

Mark currently lives in Japan and he has been advertising online for many years, promoting a wide range of programs that offer him affiliate commissions for sales he makes.

Mark didn't join Staged for the income opportunity. He joined for the obvious benefits he would receive with regards to using the product to drive traffic to his other income generating web sites.

Mark says he has always been a big fan of YouTube and admits to spending one too many hours every week watching videos. "It's cheap entertainment".

Mark promotes the Stages he creates on Facebook, Twitter, Digg, Stumbleupon and Google Buzz and he has been generating a LOT of traffic from them.

Over the last few days he deliberately did not make any new Stages to keep his traffic increasing, and he has been watching his stats closely. And wouldn't you know it... Mark has seen an increase of 109 more visitors to his existing Stages!

Do you know what this means my friend? It means people who he sent his Stages to are now sharing his Stages with their friends... and they are sharing them with their friends! His Stages are going VIRAL!!

From my personal experience 109 visitors is just the beginning once the Viral effect takes off. Mark will now enjoy the benefits of exponential growth as his visitors climb for 109, to 300, to 1,000, to 5,000, and on up it will go.

This traffic is a result of Mark spending a couple of hours making a handful of Stages over the last couple of weeks. He could stop making Stages right now and his existing Stages will continue creating more and more traffic for Mark. Amazing!!

Check out what else Mark had to say. "Even though I only share my Stages on Facebook, Twitter, Digg, Stumbleupon and Google Buzz, I am now getting hits to my Stages from a total of 37 other sources, some I have never heard of. So obviously people are watching my Stage videos and passing them along to others AND posting my Stage link on other web sites."

A final comment from Mark which has left me speechless is that 15% of his total traffic is coming from Google searches. So people are going on Google and searching for a specific topic, Mark's Stage title matches the topic, and his Stage appears in the Google search results.

Google receives millions of searches per day and like many of the Staged members, Mark is getting a piece of that action.

I will leave you with this thought today. So many people bounce from one income opportunity to the next, from one online business to the next, racking up failed attempt after failed attempt. Why? Because they cannot get quality and affordable traffic to their business web site. They pay the fees month after month, they wait, they get no results, and they quit.

From the day launched they have been sending out a LOT of testimonials about how Staged members are generating quality traffic and increasing their online profits using Staged. And they are doing this without spending any extra money on advertising. What they are doing is spending 20 minutes of their time to make a couple Stages and post them on social media sites like Facebook. That's it!

Thank you Mark for sharing your story with us today. And let us know when your viral traffic hits 10,000 daily visitors. From my experience it will probably be no later than next weekend!

Have a great day.


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