Monday, July 25, 2011

An Exciting Addition ...

We have got an exciting addition to the Staged system that just went live and it's going to help you get your Stages in front of even more eyes, to generate you even more viral traffic!

Late Friday evening another amazing statistic came in from a new member and it gave us an excellent idea. Turns out that for this one member a whopping 20% of the people that view her Stages click on a banner or text advertisement!!

We don't know how familiar you are with advertising numbers but a 20% click through rate is amazing!
There is no question, when you are seeing 20% of your visitors watch your video and then click onward to your other web sites you ARE going to make some money online.

The addition we made over the weekend is simple, yet packs a powerful punch. When you are creating a new Stage or editing an existing one you have all sorts of options like adding a title, description, approving viewer comments, making the video play automatically when your Stage loads, etc.

A new feature you will see in the list is "Show my other videos". If you tick this box, up to 4 other Stages you have created will appear on your Stage to the right of your video. They appear as miniature images (called thumbnails) which load when clicked on.

So now, when you share one Stage with someone you are actually sharing multiple Stages. When they are finished watching the video on the Stage you sent them they can simply click on one of your other Stages and watch it also. Remember, this is HUGE because as our friend above sent us on Friday, 20% of their viewers are clicking other "stuff" on their Stages.

So in effect what's happening here is sharing one Stage gives you the opportunity to share all of your Stages to the same viewer. And each of those Stages can have banners and text ads linking to whatever web sites you want to drive traffic to, including your Staged business site.

Have a great week!


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