Saturday, July 30, 2011

Clicks and more clicks! ...

I hope you had a great weekend. We'd like to start off another exciting week here at with some amazing stats that Support received from a member on Saturday.

This exciting news came from Tonya who lives in the Bahamas. Tonya is a full time Internet marketer and does some advertising consulting on the side. So needless to say, Tonya has experience and knows when she sees something that is truly amazing.

Tonya immediately saw the value in what has to offer regarding generating viral traffic and she jumped all over the opportunity to join the team. Since joining she has created a handful of Stages.
Tonya has a Google Analytics account that you can get for free at Google if you don't have one. She uses it religiously to track activity on her web sites, including her Stages.

Tonya has been watching her Stage activity like a hawk for the last couple of weeks and here is what she sent us this weekend:

Hi I wanted to first thank you for such a remarkable advertising system. It has worked very well for me from the first day I tried it. I have been noticing that there is an increasing volume of traffic hitting my Stages from Google searches which is unbelievable.

But what is even more exciting to me than getting traffic from Google searches without paying a dime for it, is the fact that people are spending an average of 8.03 minutes on my Stages and the pages I am linking too from my Stage banners and text links. Second, my Stages are averaging 2.3 clicks per person viewing!

Now most of my Stages only have 2-3 banners or text links on them. So getting 2.3 clicks per Stage view is unreal. I have never seen such high numbers. It just goes to show the value in using web pages that are professionally designed. And I've got to say, these Stage designs are some of the best graphic design work I've seen in a long time.

Can you consider how this information can benefit you? The more becomes known around the world, the more people will search for it on Google. And it doesn't stop there. Stages also appear in Google when the term being searched matches the title or information on a Stage. So we are talking about a LOT of possible Internet traffic for you.

Simply put, the more Stages you create and share the more traffic you stand to get. And if you are reading this wondering "Where would I send traffic to?"... send it to your web site!

Remember, the Staged system is here to drive traffic to any web site of your choosing. You can put banners and text links on all of your Stages and if you don't have any other web sites to send traffic to, send it to YOUR Staged web site. Every time people go to your site and join you earn commissions!

We have many members making full and part time incomes doing just this. And as you know from testimonials we've shared over the weeks, we have a LOT of members making anywhere from an extra $50 to a few hundred dollars per month from Google Adsense clicks on their Stages too!

Have a great week!


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