Monday, August 1, 2011

In the top 10! ...

When your web site appears in the top 10 search results at Google you know you're in the money!

It's a known fact that web sites that appear on the first page of a Google search get WAY more traffic than search results 2-3 pages back. People just like the convenience of clicking on a search result right there on page one. We all do it!

Well, this week alone we've had several Staged members write in saying they either saw their Stage on the first page of a Google search or they saw someone else's! This is truly amazing because millions of people use Google daily all around the world and wouldn't you know it... Stages are on the 1st pages of a growing number of Google searches.

As an example, do a Google search on the phrase mickey mouse hot dog song. You'll see that the 3rd returned search result is one of our member's Stages.

And with a quick look at Google's Keyword Analyzer (Click Here) you will see that exact phrase gets searched on 8,100 times per month! That's a lot of searches. So being the 3rd returned search result is a good place to be!

Another good example is rebecca black friday official video. In this case one of our member's Stages is being returned as the 6th returned search result. Unfortunately, because the Rebecca Black video is so new to YouTube, Google's Keyword Analyzer doesn't have any results for that exact search phrase yet, but considering that the video itself has 90 MILLION views so far, you know there are a ton of searches being done on it.

The potential volume of traffic that can result from your Stage appearing at the forefront of Google is staggering. Nowhere online can you find a Viral Marketing tool that can generate such awesome possibilities for anyone's traffic needs.

Word is spreading faster and faster about We've seen another massive increase in the membership over the last week. We just wrapped up an exciting conference with a large group overseas which is expected to bring in thousands of new Staged members in the coming months, and the phone is ringing off the hook with substantial online marketers who are just now getting wind of the amazing Staged system.

Staged is truly a one-of-a-kind product and home business system and more and more people are beginning to recognize it. The Staged Viral Marketing system works so well it simply cannot be ignored.

In all our years online we have never seen an advertising system generate this much viral traffic so effectively, so easily and so cheaply!

If you are in on the home business opportunity this is prime time! You are in the right place at the right time because Staged is booming and it's about to erupt even more. Nothing this good stays "quiet" for too long.

If you are not taking advantage of the Staged business opportunity check out the Affiliate section and consider getting started today. Making Stages and sharing videos is great... but so is making some money on the side while doing it. Right?!

Have a great day, make lots of Stages, and if you have questions we have the answers!


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