Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Google! Really ...

We're back with more cool info about Staged!

Anyone who is interested in making an easy couple hundred dollars more every month is joining for just $24.95. Why?

Because it was discovered by one of our members (Julie who lives in Norway) that Stages are coming up in Google search results!  That's crazy!!

Julie tracks all the traffic she gets to her Stages using a cool feature called Google Analytics and a whopping 27% of her total traffic is coming from Google searches. So people are going on Google and searching for a specific topic, Julie's Stage title matches the topic, and her Stage appears in the Google search results.

Google receives millions of searches per day and like many of our valued Staged members, Julie is getting a piece of that action. We asked Julie to let us know when her viral traffic hits 10,000 daily visitors. From our experience it'll probably take no more than a couple of weeks!
Traffic from Google is just one way that you can make money with Staged account.

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The Staged Team