Saturday, September 3, 2011

Another Amazing Story ...

As you have probably guessed by now, when we say something really works we like to prove it.

The Internet is full of all sorts or products, programs and gimmicks designed to "make you money fast!" but isn't it interesting that you rarely see PROOF? We sure think it is. A flashy web site or fast talking founder isn't what brings YOU success. It's a product or system that truly works that does the trick!

And who cares if it's working so awesome for the "Pro" who made the system. Of course it's going to work for them. They know it inside and out and perhaps have some special training. What you want to know is "Will it work for ME?" Right?

This is why we have made a huge effort to always share with you the success stories our members are sending in on a daily basis.

Today we'd like to share a testimonial with you from Samantha. Samantha lives in Idaho, USA, and she has been a Staged member for 6 weeks.

Staged has been such a remarkable system for me since the first day I started using it. I spent the first couple of days just making Stages using YouTube videos pertaining to popular topics in the news. I made 22 Stages using these videos.

It was pretty easy. I'd watch CNN or Fox, take note of the topics, and go search in YouTube for videos about them.

Within a few days I noticed traffic in my Stage stats (viewable in the Stage back office). I assume the traffic was coming from search engines because I didn't share my Stages on Facebook or any other social media sites.

I should have added up all the hits in my Stages stats before sending this to you but I didn't. I do know it's in the thousands between all 22 Stages. What I really care about is the money I have made because that is why I joined Staged in the first place.

In the 6 weeks that I have been a member I have accumulated 150 prospects who enrolled at my Staged site, 6 upgraded members and they are ALL still active, and 9 free members.

It's a little embarrassing but is probably the 10th or 11th program I have joined online. Until I joined Staged I had never sponsored even one person and never got any results from advertising which I paid hundreds of dollars for.

I haven't spent a cent in advertising since joining Staged. All I have spent is a little time making Stages.

I am busy teaching the 6 people who joined under me how to copy me and I call/email the rest of my prospects all the time. For the first time in my life I believe that I truly can make a lot of money with a program AND teach other people to follow my lead.

Thank you for this opportunity. Samantha - ID

You know what we really like about Samantha's story and why we're sharing it with you today? Because it's down to earth, no frills, no bells an whistles. Just plain and simple, yet successful.

Samantha has put the system to work for her exactly as we intended... and it's paying off. In fact, it's working and paying off for thousands of people all over the world!

And when you combine Samantha's actions with the huge traffic possibilities from social media the Staged system becomes a license to print money.

Making a Stage takes 9 clicks of your mouse. And if you can copy and paste, you have the skills required to do what Samantha is doing. It's nothing more than point, click, copy, paste, online, making money.

Have a great week ahead!

The Staged Team