Saturday, August 27, 2011 is taking over the web ...

In the last week we have been scouring the web looking for Stages... and they are EVERYWHERE!

What's even more exciting for us is the fact that they are appearing on the FIRST page of Google search results!!

As you might know, people pay professionals THOUSANDS of dollars to get their web sites listed at the top of Google. And once this is achieved, it typically takes thousands more dollars to maintain that listing and fend off the competition who is also vying for your spot.

Here at Staged, using this amazing system, people are getting to the top of Google how? By simply making a Stage!

There's no tricks, no gimmicks, no professionals or big dollars involved. It's simply a matter of finding a popular YouTube video. Once a YouTube video has millions of people looking at it and searching on the topic in Google, a Stage with that video on it will rank high in Google.

In fact, we're seeing Stages rank in the top 4-5 search results out of MILLIONS of search results. To date, one of the more successfully ranked Stages was listed in the #3 position out of 6 million search results.

Imagine that! #3 out of millions!! When you have a Stage at the top of Google on such a massive search topic, the traffic you will get is going to be insane. And it's FREE traffic.

Let's kick off another exciting week by hearing from the team...

Good morning Staged. Here's an update on what's currently happening for me online thanks to Staged. I sell a few digital products on Click Bank and have done so for years. Up until the day I found Staged I was spending on average $250 per month in advertising just to get the traffic I needed to meet my sales volume quota.

I have only been with Staged for just over a month and already I am saving close to $50 per month in advertising expenses.

And considering the way the traffic to my Stages continues to escalate, I suspect within the next 2 months I won't be spending a dime on advertising. In fact, I have already begun to scale down on my advertising sources because it's looking pretty obvious that my free Stage traffic is all I'll ever need in the future.

You have helped me to take giant steps forward with my online business and I can't thank you enough. Beverly - California

Thank you guys for putting together such an amazing program.

I wake up every morning wondering what Stage I should make next and dreaming about how much money I'm going to make from it. This system has given me something HUGE to look forward to every day so again Thank You!

I know you guys are big on stats so I'll leave you with this - I'm focusing heavily on spreading relevant Stages at Facebook groups that have a lot of members. The viral traffic I'm getting from these group members spreading my Stages with their Facebook friends goes up by a 2-4% every day. Outstanding! Rohan - Bahamas

Finally someone came up with a product that works! OK that's a little sarcastic but seriously I have been a network marketer for close to 10 years and like most of us I'm always desperately looking for the ultimate program to really focus all my efforts on.

When I saw this simple and genius product a couple weeks ago I just knew it was my answer. The response I'm getting from my lists is tremendous. People are joining under me hand over fist, my commissions are exploding, payouts are always on time every week, and the Support Team has yet to let me down. This is a class act company.

I can see Staged being the envy of every other mlm out there in the next 2-3 months. Something this powerful just doesn't come along that often. Keep up the amazing work. Stan - Canada

It's always helpful to hear what other people are saying isn't it!

As Staged continues to explode across the web we are exploring new and exciting ways to improve the system, the product, and your ability to cash in on the opportunity. A couple of new features are being worked on at this very moment so keep your eyes open for exciting announcements coming soon.

Have a great week ahead and whatever you do... keep making those Stages!

The Staged Team