Thursday, August 25, 2011

Another Massive Benefit (Fantastic Testimonials) ...

It's crazy to see just how far people will take an already rocking system, to make it do even more than it was originally designed to achieve.

Hi Staged support. I decided to circumvent YouTube rules a little for the benefit of getting more traffic and I figured I'd tell you about it in case you wanted to share my little trick with others.
We all know you can post comments on YouTube videos. The problem is your comments cannot contain URL's. My idea was to find funny, heavily watched videos and post a comment telling people to check out my web site at for ideas on how to make money from their video.
So because I can't have a URL in my comments on YouTube here is what I have done with my YouTube comments and it is working - "Check out staged (dot) com/learn/xxxxx for how to turn this video (actually any Youtube video) into easy extra cash & pure viral advertising for your business."
Obviously where I have "xxxxx" is where another member would insert their username and in case anyone is confused I simply replace the "." in my Staged URL with "(dot)" so that YouTube will accept my comment. Jane - USA
This is too good to be true and I have to share it with you. You and your Staged system has completely blown me away from the day I joined.
You have single handedly solved a MAJOR problem in the online advertising world and just speaking for myself, you have single handedly given me the ability to FINALLY focus on my Internet businesses full time. I cannot thank you enough for this.
To return the "favor" I'd like to share a little trick I've had up my sleeve for a few weeks. It will help other members.
Often when you do a search on Google you will see images of YouTube videos on the first page of the search. Like you said in an update last week, Google owns YouTube so we should expect this to occur.
So I click on these videos to get their YouTube url and I make Stages using the url's. This is important - I use the exact same title and description 'as is' below the actual YouTube video. I do not try and re-write my own.
In doing so, this is how I can legally "hijack" some of that traffic for myself! When Google displays those YouTube videos as a result of their title and description matching the search term being typed by their search engine user, sure enough they also display my Stages!
I've been doing this for a few weeks and it's working for me! 78.48% of all my traffic comes from referring sites and search engine traffic. And of that 22.01% comes from the search engines like Google. Unbelievable isn't it! has had such an awesome impact on me. I first joined because I loved the idea of getting to "decorate" YouTube videos before I send them to friends. What a fun idea. But then I started reading all these exciting daily updates from admin and realized I could maybe make a little money at this. 3 weeks later, and $100 richer all I can say is thanks guys! Tina - Canada.

So as you can see, with Staged you CAN make easy money without spending the big bucks to get your business up and running!

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