Sunday, August 21, 2011

2,400 visitors per month! ...

How would you like 2,400 free visitors hitting your web site every single month?

We have many members doing it!

One of our most recent testimonials came in the other day from a member named Mike in Scotland. Mike has been with for about 1 month and from the get-go he's been pumping out Stages based on hot topics in the news such as the earthquake in Japan, the royal wedding coming up, issues about the economy, hot new artists in the music industry. You name it... and Mike's built a Stage about it.
Check out what he has to share with you today:

Staged is working so well for me that I wanted to share my latest numbers with the group. Feel free to pass this along to everyone. Hopefully it'll offer even more inspiration about this awesome system.

I am getting around 350 hits per day to my Stages now, and that number continues to climb daily. That's over 10,000 visitors per month right now.

Nearly half of those visitors are coming from Google search results which I find to be quite amazing. I have NEVER generated traffic from Google. Ever! Especially free traffic. That's insane!
I even tell people that I make money on the Internet using free traffic from Google and they don't believe me! Then I show them my Google Analytics account stats. Then I sponsor them into Staged ;-)

Now out of these 350 daily visitors 23% are clicking on a banner or text ad on my Stages. That's 80 premium traffic clicks per day, which works out to 2400 premium traffic clicks per month.

My web site has been converting very well for me so I'm focusing on sending a lot of this banner traffic to that site. Every week I'm collecting more and more commissions. It just keeps growing!

I also sell a few popular products in the Click Bank marketplace by making my banners and some text ads link to those product pages.

Someone needs to pinch me! I still just can't believe I'm getting 10,000 visitors to my Stages every month and 80 premium visitors to my Staged business. AND I can't believe I made all these Stages one time, weeks ago, and the traffic just keeps increasing along with my income. I honestly wonder if there is a ceiling to this or if it'll just keep growing faster.

Amazed, shell shocked, making more money, over the moon, in Scotland - Mike

So how much is that traffic worth?

Aside from the fact that Mike is making sales at Clickbank and here at Staged, lets focus on what this traffic would cost him if he was getting it from the more common sources.

Let's say he was using Google Adwords to generate this traffic. We'll go on the VERY conservative side and say he's only paying 10 cents per click. Just this traffic alone would cost Mike $240.00 per month. But with Staged, he is only paying $24.95 per month.

And think about when Mark gets to 1,000 hits per day (30,000 hits per month), which he is shooting for by the end of May, he'll still only be paying $24.95 per month for his Staged account.

At 1,000 hits per day he'll be generating close to 7,000 highly targeted, premium traffic clicks per month for himself. And using our Google Adwords example, at 10 cents per click (which we all know is ridiculously low for this quality of traffic) that's $700 worth of traffic for just $24.95 per month.

Direct Comparison Time!

As a comparison of how well Staged is working for Mike, he shared the stats of one of his other traffic generating sites. He has a blog that he's been developing over the last 6 - 8 months.

It currently has over 300 articles on it. Can you imagine the keywords contained in 300 carefully crafted articles? You'd think there would be a lot. But after 8 months of hard work creating this site, on a GOOD day, it'll only generate 60 hits at best.

When you compare that to what Mike is doing in Staged after being involved for only 1 month, generating over 350 clicks per day by capitalizing on viral video's, it's clear that Staged is a winner... a true leader in quality traffic generation.

If you haven't begun pumping out Stages the time to begin is right now. Look what Mike has achieved in just one month. Get started right now and know that we are always here to help if you have questions!

Have a great day.

The Staged Team