Thursday, August 18, 2011

Google LOVES Stages! ...

Check this out...

Copy and paste "anonymous message to sony" into a Google search and see what comes up for results.

Can you believe it! Staged is the #2 search result out of 9,460,000 results!! Yes you read it right. This Stage ranked #2 out of nine and a half MILLION search results.

Sheryl from the USA has been with from the beginning and she sent us this a few days ago along with a very exciting message saying that using Google Analytics she is seeing 26.99% of the total traffic to her Stages coming from search engines like Google.

And speaking of Google, two days ago Sheryl reported getting 141 visitors to just one of her Stages from Google alone in ONE DAY!

Want to hear yesterday's stats from her?

Hello guys. I wanted to follow up on the info I sent you a couple days ago to let you know that yesterday was my biggest day EVER with Staged.

I got a total of 311 hits with 169 of them coming straight from Google! And as of this minute 30.05% of my traffic comes from Google.

Another amazing stat is that 23% of my Stage visitors are clicking one of the banners on my Stages. Im directing my ads to my Staged business site and for the first time ever I'm actually making money promoting something online.

I know you can look this up but I just have to say it - I have sponsored 21 active members into my Stage business and it all came from Stage traffic.
No emails, no phone calls. I haven't even told my personal friends or Facebook friends about Staged.

I think the obvious reason for my success is I'm actually doing it, living it. It's working for me! And I can prove it to anyone who asks because I can just show them a snapshot of my stats right from Google. And they can do a Google search and see my Stages right there in the search results.

So once there's proof then the system sells itself. And once I tell them how easily I can pump out new Stages every day they quickly understand how simple this is. You guys have really provided an awesome product for me to promote and as a result I'm making money with it.

One final thing to note that everyone should find helpful is that traffic really spiked after I started using Twitter to promote my Stages. While Twitter hits are not that many I think the Tweets lend weight to the rankings of the Stages.

We gave Sheryl a call after getting this info and what really stood out to us is that like so many other members on the team,

a) she had failed at every other mlm or affiliate deal she had ever joined and

b) she has absolutely no above average technical skills when it comes to computers.

It's like we keep saying... Just point, click, online, making money. There is nothing more to it than that.

Have a great day.

The Staged Team