Monday, August 15, 2011

Four awesome concepts ...

Good day Friends,

Check out these 4 EXCITING pieces of info that we received from members recently!

1) I have been noticing that when I make a Stage and give it a super relevant title, my Stage site is actually coming up in Google searches! I have no idea how the guys at pulled this miracle off but I think the entire Team needs to know about this because Stages coming up in Google searches means we can make a LOT more money from this program. This is insanely exciting in my opinion.

Do you realize how many clicks I'll get on my Stage banners if my Stages are coming up in the top 10 results of people's Google searches! I'll tell you right now I'm spending every spare minute I have making stages about as many topics as I can think of. If people around the world search Google for that topic and my stage comes up, I'll get traffic! Pat - USA

2) It doesn't take a genius to figure out that has just allowed me to actually take money that is rightfully mine... away from YouTube. This is almost too good to be true. Think about it - We all record videos and we upload them to YouTube. YouTube sells banner space on their web site. People watch the videos, click the banners, and YouTube gets rich.

Staged just turned the tables guys! We can now take our YouTube videos and display them on our own Stage web sites and put OUR OWN BANNERS on our Stages. This means WE make the money from the banner clicks. WE control where banner clickers get sent. WE control the traffic! Staged is brilliant!! Michael - New Zealand

I just used the Google Adwords tool and found that key words or phrases like "work from home" or "make money online" would cost me about $3 per click. So if I wanted to drive traffic to my personal business site to try and earn commissions I would pay some hefty clicking fees to say the least.

Since joining I have created a few Stages. The banners on my Stages all point to my personal business site. I posted my Stages on social networks and got just over 100 clicks on the banners on my Stages.

Let's see now: Staged costs me $24.95 per month. 100 Google clicks would have cost me $300 at $3 per click. Gee, I wonder which is the better deal? Simply amazing. So simple, yet so amazingly genius. Sara - Canada

 Hi Staged support. I decided to circumvent YouTube rules a little for the benefit of getting more traffic and I figured I'd tell you about it in case you wanted to share my little trick with others.

We all know you can post comments on YouTube videos. The problem is your comments cannot contain URL's. My idea was to find funny, heavily watched videos and post a comment telling people to check out my web site at for ideas on how to make money from their video.

So because I can't have a URL in my comments on YouTube here is what I have done with my YouTube comments and it is working - "Check out staged (dot) com/learn/xxxxx for how to turn this video (actually any YouTube video) into easy extra cash & pure viral advertising for your business."

Obviously where I have "xxxxx" is where another member would insert their username and in case anyone is confused I simply replace the "." in my Staged URL with "(dot)" so that YouTube will accept my comment. Jane - USA
Really, it has been exciting watching how Staged members have already been taking this product to the next level and discovering all sorts of ways they can make money AND save money with it.

We were pretty thrilled to get these 4 comments and decided we better share them with the team because they offer some tremendous ideas for you to take advantage of.

Have a great week.

The Staged Team