Sunday, September 25, 2011

The new site is rocking!

Have you tried promoting your new business site yet? It just launched a few days ago and already we're getting reports of increased sales activity!

In case you missed the news here is your new link:

Some of our more active marketers who send massive volumes of Internet traffic to their personal business site have reported increases in upgrades anywhere from 6% up to 18%! That's huge!!

Whether you have been promoting your website(s) or have been considering it, NOW is the time to really work it. This new web site design is bringing in some amazing results and we want to see you get in on the action. If you need some marketing resources please check out our Marketing section by going to Affiliate in the main menu of the members site.

People always say summers are slow for online sales. Well NOT HERE! With the new site increasing sales 6-18% for people just like you... it's GO TIME! Hit it hard with the rest of the team and let your income pay for your summer vacation!!

Have a great week.

The Staged Team