Sunday, October 2, 2011

Benefits of Training Videos ...

In case you missed our update the other day, there are new training videos for you in the Help section of the Members site.

We have received excellent feedback since launching these three videos. Whether you need the training or you have personal members who you have introduced to Staged who might need it, we trust these videos will be of assistance to you.

Below is an exciting testimonial from one of our members who was just getting started with the Staged system and how they excelled after watching the videos.

Hello Staged Admin. I just wanted to say a quick thank you for the awesome training videos supplied in the back office.

I have been with Staged for just a couple of weeks and honestly had yet to spend the time to learn the system. Your training videos gave me a huge jump start and were such a help to explain how everything works.

Since watching the videos I have decided to make 5 Stages per day to promote a couple affiliate programs I joined online. I'm also using them to build my Staged business.

After I make each Stage I add them to Digg & Stumbleupon. I do this because it's a great way to make sure Google finds and lists my Stages high in the rankings. This little tip is something you should perhaps share with everyone if you haven't already.

Of course I also post my Stages on Facebook in groups or just to my friends. We often share jokes via Facebook so I create Stages containing jokes or comedians and it goes over well with my friends.

I also post all my Stages on Twitter.
All of this probably sounds like a lot but your system is so simple that it really just takes a small amount of my time each evening and the results I'm already seeing make it well worth the time.

I'm saving hundreds of dollars per month by relying solely on the Staged system and no longer buying expensive leads to generate the traffic I need. So on top of saving money, I'm also converting more traffic coming from my Stages into sales than I ever did with my leads. Pretty amazing!

Less expenses, increased income from sales - I wish I had found this program months ago. I'm no guru when it comes to Internet advertising. I just find something that works, and I work it. Right now Staged is the best tool I have ever come across for building my business. Thank you once again.

Derick - Canada

We love getting testimonials like this. If you haven't watched the new training videos and gotten started using the system yet, hopefully the above information from Derick will provide you with a little insight into how YOU can benefit from Staged.

Enjoy your week!

The Staged Team