Thursday, October 27, 2011

A Staged Member Shares A Crazy Little Secret

We hope you are having a great weekend and are geared up for another awesome week with Staged...

... because we recently had a Staged member share a crazy little secret with us that has them sponsoring 1... sometimes 2... sometimes even 3 PAID members per week! More on this is coming to you VERY soon.

The beauty of his system is that there is no emailing, no calling, no selling. In fact he has NEVER spoken to any of these new members he's personally sponsored until AFTER they have joined!

What's more is that all of these people he brings to Staged are using his methods to duplicate his success. We looked through his growing list of personally sponsored members and they are ALL seeing success with their own Staged businesses!!

We are laying out the blueprint that this valued member has discovered and will be sharing it with you very soon. Guaranteed, ANY member who uses it WILL experience positive results.

With thousands of Staged members about to discover this simple, "anyone can do it" method we will no doubt see the Staged team quadruple in size over night... which means more money to YOUR pocket!!

Keep a close eye out for updates coming your way this week.

Today we'd like to share some really exciting testimonials about members who have used Staged to generate shocking volumes of Internet traffic and income as a result!

We receive a ton of testimonials week after week and here's just a few:

Patrick in the USA: Hi guys. I know this probably sounds like what everyone else is sending you but hey... the more the merrier right? It's just more proof that Staged is the most powerful viral advertising tool out there today.

I didn't take the time to start playing with making Stages until these updates containing testimonials from other members kept coming out, and kept getting better. So I finally buckled down and made a few. I posted my Stages at a couple relevant Facebook groups. Within 24 hours I had 25 clicks and it's been growing ever since.

Like that member said last week, when you start doing the math on what you'd pay for that many clicks at places like Google, is a no-brainer to have.

Charlene in Australia: I just want to say how grateful I am to have found Staged. I was just about to pull the plug on my online store because it was costing me too much money to generate enough traffic.

In this economy we all need a major break to keep afloat and all I can say is is the break I desperately needed. What you have put together with Staged is actually saving my business right now! I never would have guessed that I'd already be seeing traffic coming in from my Stages.

Samuel in Barbados: What a system! And the web sites you developed for our Stage themes are some of the best I've seen. It's no wonder I'm getting so many clicks on my banners. If someone sent me a site looking this good I wouldn't be in a hurry to leave it either!

In my experience, attention to detail counts and you guys have definitely paid attention to that. Buyers are visual and thanks to these professional Stage designs I have more people buying from me.

We could list 10 more good ones here but we'll stop there and get back to work on laying out this blueprint for your Staged success. Stay tuned!

Have a great day.

The Staged Team