Sunday, October 23, 2011

Forms are rockin! ...

In case you missed the announcement, the ability to add forms to your Stages has been live since last week and so far the results are VERY  promising. Currently you can add forms from iContact, AWeber,
Profitmatic, and the most reliable and affordable auto responder system: TrafficWave, to your Stages but as we mentioned last week, we will be implementing other companies soon.

The idea behind adding forms to your Stages is simple yet powerful. The concept of Viral Marketing ensures that the number of visitors to your Stages continues to grow exponentially over time. Using the "Text Ad" portion of your Stages you can create content to entice viewers to enroll on the form.

As more and more people enroll on your Stage forms your mailing list expands! We've already had a few members write in to share their results. Check it out...

Hi guys. Thanks so much for adding forms to Stages for us. For weeks now I've been thinking how cool it would be to be able to collect the names and email addresses of those people visiting my Stages.

I belong to and a couple other programs online and already I've got a mailing list of 24 people who enrolled on my Stage forms over the weekend! I use TrafficWave for my forms and autoresponder mailing needs and I've gotten 10 of those 24 new leads to enroll at my web site.

Thanks again for adding forms to stages. Steve, USA

You read my mind! From the first day that I saw Staged I was thinking we need forms on our stages. I have 40+ stages and this weekend I spent a little time adding a form to each one. Thanks for making the process so easy by the way.

Anyway long story short I think you guys went live with the forms on Thursday or Friday last week - I already have 1 paying member, 3 free members that I'm working on, and as of today Im getting roughly 12 new leads added to my mailing list daily. Of course that number will increase as my stage traffic increases. This is exciting stuff! Tracie - USA just picked things up a knotch last week by giving us the option to add forms to our stages. I've got to say I'm impressed. I have been around the block long enough to recognize a good thing when I see it and all I can say is stage forms is a VERY GOOD thing.

This Staged advertising tool is one of the most powerful systems I've seen out there in a really long time. Well done. Chad - UK

If you haven't added forms to your Stages there's no time like right now!! In the "My Stages" section of the main menu you'll find the new "Form Manager" to get started.

Enjoy your week!

The Staged Team