Monday, October 17, 2011

Here Is The 6 min Money Making Video ...

Over the weekend we were browsing through Google to see how Stages were registering in the search rankings and what we found was amazing to say the least!

Check out some of these high ranking Stages in Google:

Truly positive people go further in life - #1 search result out of 30,100,000 results.

Mali-the baby white elephant - #1 search result out of 138,000 results.

For the love of Mrs Brown- #1 search result out of of 19,800,000 results.

Anonymous message to sony - 1st page of search results out of 14,400,000 results.

Denver official guilty - #4 in results out of 14,700,000 results.

Twin babies talking to each other -second page of search results out of 7,340,000 results.

There are THOUSANDS of Stages ranking extremely high in Google. The Stages noted above are just a small sample of what's out there. You can also log into the Members site, scroll to the bottom, and check out some of the amazing stats noted there. You'll see Stages with thousands to tens of thousands of hits!

Can you imagine the volume of free Internet traffic the owners of these Stages are getting on a daily basis! And the money!! And all they had to do was find a popular Youtube video and take 4-5 minutes to plug it into a Stage. Amazing!

What's even more amazing is YOU can do it too. Anyone can do it!

We also wanted to share these testimonials with you today...

On Sunday I took a few minutes to create a Stage using a funny video I had just watched on Youtube. I posted my Stage on Facebook and no kidding, in less than 5 minutes I had a reply from a friend asking me how Staged is going for me because she wants to join.

Now when I say "friend" I'm not talking about an old classmate or someone I grew up with. This is a stranger who friended me in Facebook because of a group I am a member of.

Oh and by the way, she joined Staged this morning! Todd M - Canada

Hello Support. I wanted to thank you for one of last week's updates talking about the power of Twitter.

I have been following those steps exactly for the last few days and I am shocked at how quickly my Twitter followers are expanding. I have been tweeting about 5 Stage links per day, mixed in with inspirational quotes and famous sayings and the results have been so awesome.

Like you said, Stages work so well because it never appears that we are trying to advertise something when we share Stages. We're just showing people a good video that we like. The number of people who actually click on my Stage banners is huge! And just from using this Twitter idea I already have 4 free members and one paid member in Staged! I hope everyone who missed it goes back and reads that update in the Members site from last week. Tanya - New Zealand.

Staged is BOOMING ! Over the weekend we expanded big time into 4 new countries that are VERY promising with some top Internet Marketers ready to hit the ground running. And don't forget ...

Our secret new addition to the Staged system that is sure to make the #1 opportunity on the Internet is just about ready for launch. Stay tuned!

The Staged Team