Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Doubled in 2 weeks! ...

During the last 2 weeks StageBot has DOUBLED the traffic coming to Staged.com!

In fact (and you might have noticed this), StageBot has been so effective at driving traffic to our Staged.com members' site's that our system servers started experiencing heavy load issues! Now that's a LOT of traffic!!

By the way, as we are typing this update our crew is beefing up our hardware configuration to deal with current and future load requirements thanks to our friend, StageBot.

Whether or not you have the StageBot is irrelevant. The point of today's email is to reinforce the #1 fact that holds true for everyone using the Staged.com system. And that is:

The more Stages you make the more Internet traffic you will generate for yourself. And yes, traffic = money!

People pay HUGE money for Internet traffic. They pour hundreds and thousands of dollars into it every month. Google Adwords, SEO, banner clicks, ad co-ops, pay per click, and the list goes on. And of course the golden rule is... the more you spend, the more traffic you get... hopefully.

Now compare that to Staged. Here you don't spend more money to increase your traffic. You simply spend time... time making Stages. And of course if you are lacking extra time you can get the StageBot to help you out.

How much can he help you? Right now you can get up to 300 Stages made for you per month, for a measly 17 cents per Stage!

Ok back to this issue about our traffic doubling in 14 days. Check out how it's impacting the team:

Hey guys. I don't know what's going on out there but I'm seeing Stages everywhere! I even came across some random conversation people were having about Staged.com in a discussion forum online.

I was searching for something in Google this weekend and would you believe a Stage came up as #4 in Google! I was like "They're everywhere!" I was trying to remember what I was searching for so I could show you. Anyway, my main point to this is that because Staged seems to be taking over the web there is a massive level of legitimacy behind it. It's a trusted site. It's a known system. And THAT my friends makes it EASY for me to sell :} Doug - USA

Hi Staged. From the beginning I have been making 2-3 Stages per day because I immediately understood the concept - more Stages equals more traffic. And from day #1 the system has worked well for me.

After a few months of this I decided to give Stagebot a try two weeks ago. My default set of banner ads that go on Stagebot Stages promote another program I am in. I track things pretty closely and in these two weeks while using StageBot my traffic to that other program has gone up 65% because people are seeing my Stages made by the Stagebot and they are clicking on my banner ads.

A 65% increase in traffic for 17 cents a Stage is the best deal anyone has ever given me to advertise my programs.
Sue - Australia

Staged continues to make its way around the globe as word about this unique and powerful system spreads. Just remember, the ONLY reason this is happening is because the system works to make people money.

No hype... no illusions... LOTS of results!

To your success!

The Staged Team