Friday, November 4, 2011

Guaranteed sign-ups ...

We sent this out to the team a couple weeks ago and decided that it's so important... we better send it again.

This is a concept created by one of our members and it has been getting them anywhere from 1 to 3 paid members to their Staged business every week for months.

By the way we learned about this a couple months ago and tried it for ourselves. Sure enough,
like clockwork we watched 1-3 members upgrade in our test accounts week after week.

And after proving to ourselves that it worked, we decided to automate the process in some way to make it easier and more duplicatable for others.

Hence... the new StageBot was born!

Let's take a closer look at this powerful idea created by Michael L who is living over in Spain at the moment.
Twitter is an invaluable resource for my team and I. We are each getting weekly paid upgrades in staged thanks to Twitter. Here is what we do:

Every day we make as many Stages as we can. I usually make 3-4 and it takes me maybe 10 minutes max.

In Twitter we search for MLM, Home Business, Make Money, Network Marketing, guru names, etc with huge numbers of followers and we follow them. After a few days anyone who does not follow us back gets removed from our Twitter accounts to allow us room to follow new people.

We find quotes that are within the 140 character Twitter limit at web sites like, along with bumperstickers and oneliners to add humor to our Tweets at sites like

We make a list of about 50-60 quotes and one liners that we can re-use. Every so often we'll spend time making more to add to our list of quotes. With Twitter you can never post a duplicate message that has a URL attached to it so when we re-use any that have a Stage link in them, we change them up just a little. This can be as simple as changing a word in the quote.

Throughout the day we randomly tweet a quote that our followers like to read. Every fourth or fifth tweet we insert a message containing a link to a Stage we built. We don't do this on every tweet because it could eventually become obvious that we are focusing on selling our followers something.

That being said, one of the beauties of is that it's so easy to disguise your marketing efforts. I mean, most people view your Stage as just being a video that you want to share with them. They don't view it as an advertisement, even when they happen to click on one of your Stage banners!

You have to "massage" your list of followers though. What I mean by this is, provide solid quotes and sayings that are perhaps humorous, helpful, insightful, uplifting... you name it. Then, only on occasion do we throw in a Stage link.

The real "icing on the cake" comes when our followers with huge follow lists "re-tweet" our messages to their followers! That's when the traffic really starts to pour in.

Imagine my excitement when I'm following a guy who has 10,000 followers and he re-tweets on of my tweets that has a Stage link in it! It happens more than you might think.

Once I began using my system and generating a couple upgrades per week consistently, I decided to share it with my downline. So far it has been extremely duplicateable, meaning everyone on my team is doing it with success.

What we personally discovered, and Michael agrees with us, is that the process of following and unfollowing people on Twitter can get time consuming and mind numbing. You can imagine Michael's reaction when we told him:

Phase II of the StageBot will do 100% of the following/unfollowing for you!!

To your success.

The Staged Team